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Home Brewing Tips

No matter what method you are using to brew your coffee at home, these tips will ensure a great cup of coffee every time.

1. Freshness: You want to make sure that your coffee beans are fresh. This means buying only 1-2 weeks worth of coffee at a time. Store your beans in an airtight container in a cool dry place.

2. Grind: Grind your beans just prior to brewing and grind only as much as you will need.

3. Cleanliness: Make sure to keep your brewing equipment clean at all times. If coffee oils are allowed to build up on your equipment it will impair the taste of the fresh cup you are brewing.

4. Water: Coffee is 98% water so it is very important to use properly filtered water when brewing coffee. Unfiltered water can taint the taste of your coffee and also corrode brewing equipment.

Home Brewing Methods

French Press: This method of brewing coffee is quite easy and brews a strong and delicious cup. Start with fairly course ground coffee (you need to use about 25.8 grams of coffee for a 16 oz press) and pour boiling water into the press. Let stand for about 3-5 minutes and then push the plunger down slowly to trap the grounds at the bottom of the press, separating them from the liquid. This method will produce a very thick, rich cup of coffee.

Chemex: This brewing method produces a bright, aromatic cup. A special, thick paper filter is placed in the top of the brewer. This will filter out most of the sediment. Use medium grind coffee (you will use about 48.5 grams of coffee for a 6 cup maker) and pour boiling water slowly over the grounds, making sure to wet them all. The full pot is produced by continuing to slowly add water to the grounds until the pot is full. Very smooth brew.

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Aeropress: This method of preparing coffee is achieved through a vacuum plunger process. Start with medium fine ground coffee (use the measuring scoop provided), add hot, but not boiling water and stir for about 10 seconds (this is a very fast process). Push the plunger down to produce a cup's worth of concentrate. Add hot water, about 50%, for a drinkable cup of coffee.

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Toddy: This method produces a clean, low acid brew. Toddy is delicious served hot or cold. To brew coffee this way you need to start with course ground coffee (1 pound of coffee). Cold water is then poured over the grounds and the grounds must steep for at least 8 hours, or up to 24. When this process is finished, you drain the liquid and are left with a concentrate that can then be mixed with water (about 50/50) for a tasty drink-hot or cold.

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Tru Brew (single cup pour over): This method is perfect for the coffee drinker who wants to prepare a single cup of superb coffee at a time. A filter is placed in the brewer basket. Start with medium fine ground coffee (about 8 grams per 5 oz of water) and pour boiling water slowly over the grounds, making sure to wet them all. Continue this process until you have a full cup of coffee.

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